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I received an amazing letter from a friend today that I had to post on my blog. It is a must see for people of all ages - Never Give Up:


This ruined my nap. 


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***Light as a feather, stiff as a board.***

Height: 6’0” Weight: 203Age: 28

College: North Carolina State (where he had a bunch of records that are too minute and boring to quote)

Years Experience: 7 (better than 6, but not good as 8)

Known For: Being one of the best…

Leejoon dancing to ‘Abracadabra’ by Brown Eyed Girls

<p>text: Ok, next time I&#8217;ll wait for him to grab the knife while I text you!</p>


Text: You had time after that R, you know you did. You can’t get pissy at me because i’m furious at this full fucking situation.

Sorry I kind of disappeared there.




This space has been pretty dead lately, listening to Enchanted // Taylor Swift currently (Cheesy but hey..) I’ve been going out and coming back lately, if not I would be sleeping…Friends has been revolving around me recently, and I’m happy this way.

I’ve such a big secret no one should know but…

Post 200!


Only have one thing to moan about today. The foolish photography store in town charged me £4.99 to print a roll of 5 GOOD PICTURES! Totally pissed me off, especially as the other roll of 23 was the same price! God-damn that place being the only place in town that does good quality prints…….

But in other news, life’s going pretty well atm. Nothing much to report apart from my girlfriend Tamsin is being exceptionally amazing and beautiful ;)

Until the next century post!

Liquid layouts: the practice (among other things) of rendering a single ul/li group (like this):

 <ul> <li>1</li> <li>2</li> <li>3</li> <li>4</li> <li>5</li> <li>6</li> <li>7</li> <li>8</li> <li>9</li> <li>10</li> <li>11</li> </ul>

into a multi-column layout like this:
 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10...


“Yekpare” is a storyteller which narrates the 8500 year story of Istanbul. The story embraces symbols from Pagans to Roman Empire, from Byzantine Empire to Latin Empire, and finally from Ottoman Empire to Istanbul at the present day.

Haydarpaşa Train Station, with its brilliant gothic architectural forms, is the building on which the story is projected. The connection between middle east to west has been provided by Istanbul and Haydarpaşa since 1906. In the 50’s it served as a door for millions of internal emigrants who have triggered the chaos in Istanbul’s dialectical daily life scenes.The project’s conceptual, political and geographical positioning, the location’s depth of field and the fact that the entire show can be watched from Kadıköy coast; make “Yekpare” a dramatic presentation.

The first day of the performance also marks the 47th deathday of Nazım Hikmet Ran, the famous Turkish poet. We started out with a quote from his epic novel, “Human Landscapes from My Country”: “At Haydarpaşa Train Station, in the spring of 1941, it is three o’clock. Sun, exhaustion and rush lay on the stairs…”

Art Direction & Visuals:
Deniz Kader – Candaş Şişman

Görkem Şen

Project Management:
Erdem Dilbaz

Technical Advisers: Refik Anadol - Alican Aktürk
Modelling: Gökhan Uzun – Can Dinlenmiş

Special Thanks to: Efor Production, Visio – Vox, Sinevizyon, Yakup Çetinkaya, Gökhan Kurtuluş, Lokman Doğmuş, Baran Gülerşen, Ümit Özdemir, Tolga Dizmen, Murat Durusoy, Ahmet Türkoğlu, Mustafa Nurdoğdu

Realized with mediaserver

The best way to complain is to make things.
James Murphy (via tinyblip)


How to use the DateTime and DateTimeOffset objects when dealing with those pesky ambiguous time periods that occur when we switch back to standard time.

Up early waiting to get VTO


come on big money. 

I need another day off….